Coi Leray Is The Face of SNIPES’ New Apparel Collection

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Coi Leray x SNIPES

Source: SNIPES / Snipes

Coi Leray has partnered with SNIPES to promote its new apparel collection from SNIPES. The “Players” rapper will be the face of the streetwear and retailer’s first quarter apparel campaign.

Coi Leray x SNIPES

Source: SNIPES / Snipes

“I’m thrilled to be the face of SNIPES’ new streetwear collection! Fashion has always been a huge part of my life,” said Leray in a statement.  “The SNIPES team has done an amazing job designing this collection – the pieces are fresh, fun, and so on-trend. This is just the beginning of a beautiful partnership – Coi Leray and SNIPES, baby!”

Citing Coi Leray’s youthful energy, grind and style, SNIPES plans to complement her come up with matching style. Leray is featured in a Grand Theft Auto-styled clip that showcases a day in her life and the aesthetics that go around it while she kicks it in Miami.


“Coi Leray embodies everything that SNIPES stands for – creativity, authenticity, and individuality,”  said Paula Barbosa, VP of Marketing for SNIPES, in a statement. “We are excited to collaborate with her to bring a fresh perspective to our Q1 collection, and we can’t wait for our customers to experience the unique energy that Coi brings to the brand.”

Coi Leray x SNIPES

Source: SNIPES / Snipes

As for the new SNIPES collection, it features streetwear staples like hoodies, leggings, nylon jackets and pants to mix and match to create a unique fit. “Every day is a chance to go get it,” says Leray in the clip (watch below). We all got the same 24 hours. What you choose to do with yours is on you.”

The collection is already at SNIPES stores and online at


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Former NC State star Lowe feels the love as ’83 team returns

It has been almost 40 years since Sidney Lowe and N.C. State took that wild ride to an improbable national championship.

It has been almost 12 years since Lowe coached his last basketball game with the Wolfpack — and it was not a happy parting.

But there he was Wednesday, back in PNC Arena, back in his red blazer, back hearing the cheers as NCSU honored the 1983 NCAA champs during the Wake Forest game.

“It feels great. It’s been a long time,” Lowe said, smiling. “To get back here and see these guys and see familiar faces, to feel the love from the university, it’s great. It’s great to feel loved, to feel the love from our fans.”

The ‘83 team, coached by the late Jim Valvano, will always be beloved by State fans, by college basketball fans. With Lowe at point guard, the Wolfpack beat ‘em all — North Carolina with Michael Jordan, Virginia with Ralph Sampson, Houston with Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon — in first winning an ACC championship, then the national championship.

Sidney Lowe, a member of the N.C. State 1983 national championship team and former Wolfpack head coach, is recognized during a celebration of the 83 team at halftime during the Wolfpack’s game against Wake Forest at PNC Arena in Raleigh, N.C., Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023.
Sidney Lowe, a member of the N.C. State 1983 national championship team and former Wolfpack head coach, is recognized during a celebration of the 83 team at halftime during the Wolfpack’s game against Wake Forest at PNC Arena in Raleigh, N.C., Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2023. Ethan Hyman [email protected]

As one columnist wrote in 1983, “N.C. State doesn’t have any All-Americas, just all of America.” That’s the way it felt that spring as the Pack’s story unfolded and disbelievers became believers.

“This group has a special bond,” Lowe said. “We accomplished something together as a team and it’s going to carry on forever.

“People still talk about it 40 years later. I go to games in the NBA and someone wants my autograph

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Buy Lab-Created Diamonds | Allurez

Our easy to use search is a great way to specify the exact traits you are looking for so that you can buy loose diamonds quickly and easily. Whether you are looking to create the perfect engagement ring, or simply want to design an elegant accessory, you will find the perfect stone for your taste and budget. You can save money by finding your own diamond, rather than simply going with whatever a retailer shows you. In addition, you will be better prepared to create jewelry of your own design that will match your vision perfectly.

There are many factors that can help narrow down the list of potential diamonds for you. The most immediate and likely most important trait for most people is carat. This is the weight of the stone on a scale, and is the main contributing factor in its overall size. Sorting by your ideal carat and price will help you find a great starting point for your search. From there, you can decide what other qualities you are most interested in.

The cut of a particular stone largely refers to its ability to reflect light and give off that signature shine we all love. A better cut grade will signify a diamond that has better proportions and finish and will be more luminous. Color is a grade scale that varies between completely colorless and a distinct yellow. Stones that are truly completely colorless are very rare, and very expensive as well. Find a balance between the color you want and the price you are willing to pay, as stones will go up in price the closer they are to colorless. Clarity is the last major trait to help narrow down your search. This refers to imperfections or markings in the stone that could reduce its

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Gordon Pinsent, award-winning Canadian actor, dies at 9…

Gordon Pinsent, an award-winning Canadian actor acclaimed for his performance as a heartbroken husband in the film “Away From Her,” has died at 92.

His family said in a statement that Pinsent died in his sleep Saturday.

“Gordon Pinsent was one of Canada’s most iconic actors,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday on Twitter. “He was passionate, captivating and endlessly talented.”

Pinsent worked for decades in radio, television and movies. In 2008, he received the Academy of Canadian Television and Cinema’s Genie Award for best actor in a leading role for “Away From Her.” He played a husband losing his wife not only to Alzheimer’s but also to another man.

Canadian filmmaker Sarah Polley directed “Away From Her,” starring Pinsent and Julie Christie, which premiered at film festivals in 2006 before its theatrical release in 2007.

“Gordon had an enormous capacity for joy in absolutely everything he did,” Polley said Sunday on Twitter. “It was infectious and educational. There wasn’t a moment without a twinkle of mischief and a determination to enjoy the moment.”

Pinsent was born in Grand Falls, Newfoundland, in 1930, and began acting in his late teens. With his deep baritone voice, Pinsent played in radio drama on the CBC before working in movies and television.

Pinsent spent about four years in the Canadian Army in the early 1950s. After returning to acting, he appeared on children’s shows in the early 1960s, including CBC’s “The Forest Rangers.” He later appeared in dozens of Canada’s top television shows, including “The Red Green Show,” and was the voice of the animated elephant King Babar on TV and in a movie.

He played a role in the 1968 Steve McQueen movie, “The Thomas Crown Affair,” and portrayed the U.S. president in director Joseph Sargent’s 1970 film, “Colossus: The Forbin Project.”

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Laboratory-Grown Diamond Reports & Services

Lab-Grown LGDR Report Mockup

Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report

Full 4Cs assessment with a plotted clarity diagram, and an assessment of growth type and post-growth treatment. The laboratory-grown diamond’s girdle is laser inscribed with the term “Laboratory-Grown” and its GIA report number. For loose, laboratory-grown D-to-Z color diamonds, weighing 0.15 carats or more. Digital-only report.​

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Laboratory-Grown Report Dossier Mockup

Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report – Dossier

Full 4Cs assessment. The laboratory-grown diamond’s girdle is laser inscribed with the term “Laboratory-Grown” and its GIA report number. For loose, laboratory-grown D-to-Z color diamonds, weighing 0.15 – 3.99 carats. Digital-only report.​

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Laboratory-Grown Report Color Mockup

Laboratory-Grown Colored Diamond Report

Full quality assessment and a plotted clarity diagram, and an assessment of growth type and post-growth treatment. The laboratory-grown diamond’s girdle is laser inscribed with the term “Laboratory-Grown” and its GIA report number. For loose, laboratory-grown colored diamonds, weighing 0.15 carats or more. Digital-only report.​

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Laboratory-Grown Report Color ID Mockup

Laboratory-Grown Colored Diamond Report – Color Identification

Describes specifications for color and color distribution, and an assessment of growth type and post-growth treatment. The laboratory-grown diamond’s girdle is laser inscribed with the term “Laboratory-Grown” and its GIA report number. For loose, laboratory-grown colored diamonds, weighing 0.15 carats or more. Digital-only report.​

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Emily Ratajkowski Looks Like A Off-Duty Model In Mini Skirt And Casual Hat

Emily Ratajkowski was very busy this New York Fashion Week. Not only did the supermodel, 31, close the Tory Burch show in a visible lingerie look and rocked the ‘no pants’ trend for Jonathan Simkhai’s show on Feb. 11. She then took a break from the runway and reverted back to her iconic street style looks including a navy two-piece, sneakers, and a baseball cap.

READ MORE: Emily Ratajowski Puts Her Toned Body On Full Display In A Completely Sheer Black Dress At NYFW

Emily Ratajkowski Is Effortlessly Chic In A Mico Mini Skirt And Baseball Cap

On Valentine’s Day, Emily, or EmRata was photographed wearing a classy navy blue two-piece from Aya Muse. It comprised of a wool-blend wrap miniskirt and a matching tailored jacket that gave us just a peak of her insane abs. She styled her outfit with a pair of Nike X Tom Sachs General Purpose trainers, a red baseball cap, black sunglasses, and a black Loewe Luna bag slung over her shoulder. Many fans noted that EmRata’s outfit was a real “off-duty model” look.

What Is Off-Duty Model?

The “model off-duty” vibe describes the streetwear style of popular models and celebs. Some famous fashion it-girls include Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Kaia Gerber. We see these models and celebs in ballgowns at the Met Gala and walking red carpets looking glam and gorgeous. But then, they look just as chic and gorgeous wearing an oversized sweatshirt and bike shorts.

The style in general is a careful balance of fresh off-the-runway and casual chic. For example, EmRata’s outfit would be super classy if it was just the two-piece set, but by adding the baseball cap and sneakers, she’s relaxing it down.

Emily Ratajkowski Hard Launches Her Relationship With Eric André

And, right

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Sydney Sweeney stuns in Miu Miu gown at Berlin Film Festival

Fans are euphoric over Sydney Sweeney’s latest red carpet look at the Berlin International Film Festival: a shimmering scarlet Miu Miu gown completely covered with ruby-coloured crystals.

Styled by Molly Dickson, the 25-year-old actress wore the bedazzled design to the premiere of Reality on the weekend — but many of her Instagram followers thought she looked unreal, with many comparing her to a certain curvy cartoon character.

“Cute of Jessica Rabbit to lend her dress,” one commented on an Instagram video Sweeney posted of her red carpet arrival.

“She’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way,” another chimed in, referencing the animated icon’s tagline.

“Jessica Rabbit live action,” a third commenter adding, while a fourth asked, in part, “CAN I BE YOUR ROGER RABBIT.”

Other fans hailed Sweeney’s style as “smoking hot,” “drop dead gorgeous” and “absolutely unbelievable.”

A few even said she reminded them of a different cinematic bombshell, with one writing, “Kim K is trying to call herself the modern day Marilyn … Nah I think it’s Sydney.”

The Euphoria actress shared a series of photos in the alluring dress, thanking the Berlin International Film Festival “for welcoming our little film Reality with open arms.”

Added Sweeney, “It couldn’t have been a more magical evening with everyone and a big thank you to @miumiu for creating a dress of my dreams.”

She paired the look with fresh curtain bangs courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Glen Coco, while nail artist Zola Ganzorigt completed her glam with her signature “glazed” manicure.

This wasn’t the White Lotus beauty’s only major style moment in Berlin over the weekend.

Sweeney looked gorgeous in a semi-sheer black beaded Armani dress for an Armani Beauty x Harper’s Bazaar dinner, and turned heads in a cutout Alexander McQueen suit dripping with crystals and silver accents at the

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Diamond Cuts and Diamond Shapes

When it comes to diamonds, most consumers tend to use the words ‘cut’ and ‘shape’ interchangeably. However, for diamond professionals, there is a big difference. Diamond ‘shape’ refers to the outline of the stone – which can be round, oval, princess, etc. Diamond’s ‘cut’ refers to the arrangement of a stone’s facets. With this in mind, a diamond’s ‘shapes’ can be faceted or ‘cut’ in a variety of ways.

The most common facet arrangement, known as the brilliant cut, is applied to many shapes. It consists of 57 or 58 facets, depending on if a culet facet is included. In a brilliant cut, there will be one octagonal table (or top flat surface) of the diamond, 16 kite‐shaped facets and 40 triangular shaped facets. An optional small octagonal facet at the culet is the 58th cut.

Diamond Shapes

Diamonds can be purchased in a wide variety of shapes and cuts. While there are plenty of interesting shapes to be found, diamonds are frequently purchased in the ten most popular cut shapes:

Diamond Shapes - Round

The round shaped diamond is the most popular, and is often used as a solitaire in engagement rings, earrings, or pendants. According to The Knot, an engagement and wedding planning website, roughly 53% of engagement ring center stones are round. The cut style known as the round brilliant has been around since the 1700s, but has been modified over the years. The angles seen in today’s modern round brilliant were designed to enhance the diamond’s fire and brilliance, and were first suggested by Henry Morse of Boston in the 1860’s. These cuts were further enhanced by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, and finally, in 2005, a scientific way to help cutters plan and predict the cut quality of round brilliant cut diamonds was introduced by the GIA.

Shop Round

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A new Buffalo must lift up every neighborhood and community

Half of Buffalo’s population has played no part in the city’s ongoing revival. This is finally being addressed, on many fronts.

An urban renaissance can’t leave half its population behind. Yet, that has essentially been the case in Buffalo for the past decade-plus of its reinvention and revival. And the neglect goes back much further, well into the last century. It took the shock waves of a massacre last May to bring longstanding inequities into sharp relief, spotlighting the undeniable fact that real change in East Buffalo means historic, paradigm-shaking investment.

As doctor and developer Greg Daniels stated, “The change that is necessary for any success to occur, that change needs to be tectonic.”

There’s hope. Some tremors are already being felt and Sunday’s Buffalo News Prospectus edition looks at those efforts to expand opportunities to all of the people of Buffalo.

The efforts are concentrated in several distinct sectors.

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Safe neighborhoods and affordable housing

More than $259 million is being invested in East Buffalo development projects and most of it is aimed at affordable housing, including apartments, townhomes and stand-alone housing. There is new construction as well as renovations of significant historic properties such as the former St. John Kanty Church school on Swinburne, which will have 42 apartments, and the former Lion Brewery on Jefferson, which will have 83, as well as an art gallery, event space and other facilities.

Area banks, working with nonprofits and developers, are a big part of this revitalization. In just two of several collaborations, M&T is supporting the Swinburne project, to be called Apartments at the Lyceum and Evans Bank is leading an innovative plan to build single-family homes on Evans Street.

It’s fitting that banks, which, decades ago, often followed exclusionary

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What happened to Alexander AJ Jennings from Outer Banks?

Alexander AJ Jennings served as Chase Stokes’ double and stand-in actor in Outer Banks, but a tragic event means he won’t be in season 3.

Season 3 of Outer Banks is scheduled to premiere on February 23, 2023, with the return of its starring cast: Chase Stokes (John B), Madelyn Cline (Sarah), Madison Bailey (Kiara), Jonathan Daviss (Pope), and Rudy Pankow (JJ).

Carlacia Grant, who portrays Cleo, was promoted to series regular for season 3 of Outer Banks, while Andy McQueen, Fiona Palomo, and Lou Ferrigno Jr are the new additions.

One member who won’t be returning, unfortunately, is Alexander AJ Jennings, who worked as Stokes’ stand-in. What happened to the budding actor?

This content could not be loaded

Alexander AJ Jennings’ death confirmed by Outer Banks casting company

Jennings, 22, passed away after he was struck in a hit-and-run accident on the morning of July 5, 2022. He was hit by two vehicles on Sol Legare Road in Charleston, South Carolina, jennings-chase-stokes-stand-in-hit-run-accident-1235058989/”reports Deadline. Outer Banks was filming season 3 at the time.

Stewart Casting, which works on the Netflix series, confirmed AJ Jennings’ death one day later.

“AJ was a beautiful, kind soul, and a bright light every day on set,” they wrote. “I can not fathom the shock and tragedy of AJ’s sudden loss and our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time.”

This content could not be loaded

The actor reportedly left a party on foot and was waiting for an Uber at 2:15 am when he was struck by an unidentified vehicle.

According to Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, he was struck by one vehicle, which fled the scene, and a second vehicle 13 minutes later. The latter, suspected to be

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