Why The Farfetch Of Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Is Getting Physical

Why The Farfetch Of Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry Is Getting Physical

The Future Rocks, the online marketplace for lab grown diamond jewelry, launched in 2021. However, co-founder and CEO Anthony Tsang firmly believes that physical activations are key to its ongoing expansion.

“Physical activations provide us with the opportunity to interact in person with our customers, to let them see, feel, sense and wear our jewelry. For many, it’s the first time they have seen lab-grown diamonds in person. Doing this, we can engage with our customers 360 degrees: online plus offline.”

“Physical activations also enable us to further amplify our marketing and PR efforts as they generate awareness in a different kind of way,” he adds. “Going forward, this is a strategy which we will continue to pursue and refine.”

Following launches in Japan and China in the second half of 2022, the platform solidified its footprint in the Japanese market in January with a pop-up at Tokyo’s luxury department store, Isetan Shinjuku.

The Future Rocks took over Isetan’s fourth-floor atrium, welcoming customers into its world via a space imagined by TFR co-founder and design director Ray Cheng, who is also a trained architect.

“Japan is a global trendsetter that draws on its traditions and culture while embracing new concepts and ways of thinking. At TFR, we have a deep respect for craftsmanship, which we blend with technology to innovate and cultivate an active engagement that opens doors and bridges different cultures,” he says.

The Future Rocks features brands that use only lab grown diamonds and recycled metals in their designs. The curation combines established concerns like Courbet based in Paris’ Place Vendôme, with smaller more boutique outfits such as Japanese label Terra.

Pieces exclusive to the pop-up included a pear-shaped diamond from French brand brand Loyal.e Paris while the platform also showcased pieces from its bestselling Hikari collection which combines laboratory-grown diamonds and responsibly sourced metals such as those from recycled from electronic waste. The jewelry has received B-Corp certification and is produced for TFR by Terra.

As well as further experiences planned for Tokyo, The Future Rocks has New York in its sights for 2023. “We’re putting a lot of focus on U.S. which is the biggest market for lab grown diamonds in terms of sales revenue,” said Tsang.

“This is just the beginning of TFR’s journey, which involves creating opportunities to meet our customers,” Cheng concludes. “We firmly believe that personal engagement is an irreplaceable key to an intimate and personalized jewelry experience.”

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