How Karl Kani And Magic Las Vegas Pioneered Brooklyn Streetwear Into Global Fashion Trends

When you think of streetwear, you likely think of oversized hoodies and baggy jeans, clothing you see worn today. Contemporary streetwear trends have come full circle and replicated in high fashion among familiar labels. For these trends to become what they are and were, someone had to infiltrate and break the norms of the fashion industry.

Today, the MAGIC and PROJECT bi-annual trade show helps streetwear fashion brands find their place. The display of styles is free from the rigid designs of past trends. The show features upcoming styles from brands like Doctrine Denim, Awet, Primitive, Pro Standard, and Honor The Gift have all had impacts on streetwear culture stemming from the urban aesthetic of inner-city street kids.

This year at MAGIC Las Vegas, which took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Project Now Forum stage held the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop at MAGIC Happy Hour panel, hosted by long-time Editor-in-chief Datwon Thomas now at VIBE magazine. Panel guests James Ferrel, Chief Operation Officer, Head of Marketing of Sprayground, Jason Geter, CEO of Grand Hustle, and Tony Shellman, founder of the Mecca and Enyce labels and Brand Marketing Executive Consultant,

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