Statement diamond jewellery for your V-day look

Whether it is with your partner or a potential romantic interest, Valentine’s Day is special and exciting. And when a day is that special, we definitely need to get the memo right. If you’re someone who cares about putting their most stylish foot forward, you will agree that a lot of prep goes into planning a V-day look—from the outfit and accessories, to hair and make-up; we want everything to be perfect. For someone who prefers elegance and dainty charm, nothing can elevate your look like a piece (or more!) of diamond jewellery. Designs at Tanishq are delicate, timeless, and sure-fire to add radiance to your V-day attire. Tanishq’s 1000+ range of styles and designs—everything from dainty necklaces and intricate bracelets, to discerning pairs of earrings—is a rare and magical combination of contemporary and timeless designs. What’s more, these pieces look stunning on every occasion, be it a brunch look, a movie outing, or a candlelight dinner, diamonds work round the clock! 

Diamonds have been known to be a woman’s best friend and Tanishq’s versatile and timeless range of diamond jewellery has been a preferred choice across generations. The diamond jewellery collection at Tanishq is not just aesthetically pleasing but also a superb investment and can be 100% exchanged at prevailing selling prices at the 360+ Tanishq stores. And you also have an option to redesign your old Tanishq diamond jewellery to get yourself an on-trend piece that will suit your style; choose from a plethora of designs, which are available at irresistible prices and come with 100% cartage assurance.

If diamonds are what your heart desires—whether you choose to own them or gift them to a loved one—here are five diamond jewellery pieces by Tanishq that can further illuminate your V-day. 


A minimal necklace

While ringarde has its

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