5 Ways Spring Season Affects Your Skin

The temperature and humidity will increase once more as a warmer season arrives with
spring. Your skin may get dry and break out as a result of this warmer weather, spending
more time outside, and more sun exposure.

With the arrival of spring, temperatures and humidity levels start to climb, so you might want to hold off on using that heavy winter moisturiser now. During the transition from winter to spring, our skin is subjected to less chilly and dry air. During spring the air is more humid, it gets warmer outside, and there’s more sunshine. Your skin may suddenly alter, and develop acne outbreaks, sunburn, and other conditions. Here are some ways the spring season can impact  your skin: 

1. Sun Exposure

Sun Exposure

With the onset of bright weather, people often plan to spend more time outside and end up exposing themselves to more harmful UV rays. Using sunscreen should be the first step in your skincare routine, especially if you plan to go outside. If you’re going to be out in the sun for a long time, you should always increase your SPF to a factor of 30 or higher.

2. Irritation 

With all the beautiful plants and trees starting to bloom in this season, allergy sufferers will have a tough time. Your hands may touch your skin far too often if you have itchy, puffy eyes or a runny, watery nose. And when that occurs, bacteria and grime from your hands can readily travel to your skin. Moreover, this may clog your pores, producing pimples, and even result in fine lines and wrinkles from repeatedly touching your eyes. You should see a doctor for such problems and take the appropriate medication.

3. Breakouts 


Your skin may produce more natural oil when the weather is more humid,

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