Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s wedding dresses compared: ‘Safe’ vs. ‘royal’

The Princess of Wales’s dress perfectly accentuated her figure, the stylist said. Hallie remarked: “She did that big V-neck so her shoulders look beautiful and squared and it nipped in at the waist so it really made her look itty bitty teeny. Which she is, but you’re accentuating it.”

Meghan’s dress, on the other hand, could have been taken in to accentuate her frame, the stylist said. Hallie told Express: “It almost does look like it should have had a quarter of an inch taken in, exactly in the same proportion, but just a little bit.”

The stylist did praise both dresses for their timelessness. She explained: “I do appreciate for both from a modesty standpoint, especially for young women. You can be beautiful and sexy in your own right without bearing a tonne of skin.

“I think what’s trending in bridal often, is like a nightgown like a little slip. Which is fine, but these are pictures you’re going to look at forever. So that is where this timelessness is.”

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