Elevate Your Fashion Style With The New Und3rcover Streetwear, Now On Shopee

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Exist beyond the shadow and brave the streets with fashion wear that celebrates local art and creativity. Created with the mindset to innovate communities through the art of street fashion, Und3rcover recognizes talented and creative individuals and chooses artists from different walks of life to represent the brand.

Und3rcover is your new go-to streetwear brand that offers an array of clothes and accessories that fit your style and needs. From classic fit round neck shirts, oversized shirts, and muscle tees to crop tops, shorts, hats, jackets, sweaters and hoodies, every piece of clothing is made of premium quality fabric to offer you style and comfort in every wear.

And that’s not all! Your favorite Und3rcover products are now available on Shopee. You can now elevate your streetwear fashion with just a few clicks. Check out the brand’s unique collections and designs to add to your wardrobe and OOTD.

From vintage to graffiti, the new Und3rcover streetwear brand lets you own your style with a variety of items and design offerings that fit your fashion sense. All prints are done by topnotch silkscreen process for utmost durability that can sustain multiple washes and vary from minimalist logos to graphic illustrations.

Check out all their products and the latest collections at

Shopee is your go-to for all things local fashion with its vast array of shops that cater to your unique styling needs. Want to stay updated and catch up with the newest fashion trends? Shopee conveniently lets you check out the latest fashion pieces by simply scrolling through your phone.

Check out the newest Und3rcover streetwear brand on Shopee and celebrate local art and street fashion while enjoying amazing deals and store vouchers to elevate your online shopping experience.


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NERD Summer 2022 New Streetwear Merch Drop

Having fostered a generation of music listeners with their alternative and cutting-edge sound, band members Shae Hayley, Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D – NO-ONE EVER REALLY DIES – are staying true to their streetwear roots with a new Summer 2022 merchandise capsule.

The new drop comprises a lowkey color palette of green, purple, neutrals and black, and features casual hoodies, T-shirts, leaf-print shorts and accessories. Decals of the “N.E.R.D” font logo appear alternately alongside a graphicized ‘electric brain,’ and a “XX” eye-faced character placed on the center-front of items.

Representing the band and speaking on its cultural impact, Hayley exclusively tells Hypebeast:

“Keeping true to its roots – 20 years later – N.E.R.D is a group/brand that deals with street fashion inspired by both hip-hop and skateboarding. A band that’s popular all over the world and commonly known for its groundbreaking debut album In Search Of…, creates modern apparel inspired by the ideologies of past and present era.”

“The appeal of the merch (like the band’s worldview), is a combination of simplicity and practicality with an aggressive stance, which is a staple of street fashion and culture,” adds Hayley.

N.E.R.D’s new Summer ‘22 merch collection is available online now at the Nerd Army store and will periodically release exclusive gifts and items throughout the coming months.

In other fashion news, Billionaire Boys Club and Smino collaborated on new ICECREAM merch.

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