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Genuine Jewelry:

At Allurez we believe that natural is beautiful therefore, we guarantee that all of the precious stones used in our jewelry is 100% natural and high quality.

Our Jewelry Appraises for Double

We have been told by our customers, that they were able to get the jewelry they purchased from us appraised for at least double the price they paid. Our prices are low, and the quality of our jewelry is so high, that they can easily be appraised for at least double.

High Quality Diamonds Gemstones:

We only sell jewelry with high quality diamonds and gemstones. Most of our diamond jewelry is of G-H color, which is much better than what is used by most other jewelers. We do not sell lab created or synthetic jewelry.

High Quality Precious Metals:

We only sell jewelry with high quality Precious Metals like 925-Sterling Silver, 14k and 18k Gold. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not sell jewelry with 10k gold, because of its low quality. We also do not sell fake jewelry that are gold-plated, vermeil or gold-filled.


Our jewelry, especially wedding bands and engagement rings, contain a great deal of precious metals, making them heavier and more valuable than jewelry sold by most of our competitors. Also the high quality diamonds and gemstones, combined with our unique designs, make our jewelry very valuable and everlasting.

Unbelievable Prices:

Beyond the highest quality jewelry that we offer, our prices are also unbeatable! If you see a lower price anywhere, simply contact us and we will beat or match those prices.

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