Life of Fashion Show Celebrates Music and Fashion

Life of Fashion hosted its second annual fashion show featuring an array of vendors, musicians, DJs and of course, numerous fashion looks. From start to finish, it was evident that this would not be a typical fashion show but also a musical celebration.

Between the three DJs — DJ Certified, DJ Squizzy Taylor and DJ Machadellic — audience members spent the majority of their evening dancing. Hosts Floyd Brown and Milk Chris brought the audience to life by interacting with the DJs and the audience. Brown and Milk would uplift the energy by dancing with the 400-plus guests in attendance, really immersing themselves in the Life of Fashion.

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The show began with a performance from PDK and then throughout the night JayDubb Tha Ruler, Sanaa Raelynn and SwizZy B took the stage, entertaining the crowd. TheyCallHimAp closed the show with a final performance.

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Blush Accessories was the first brand to take the runway. Combining the all black monochromatic outfits with the bold statement jewelry made for a playful yet spicy collection. Though an accessories brand, the clothes proved to be just as saucy as the jewelry — with knee high slits and cropped tops. Earrings were shaped into ribbons and butterflies and necklaces were big and junky — impossible to miss. 

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Handcrafted crochet pieces were the star of Lavish-Queen Fabrics’ collection. Each design was a bright color that had unique detailing and intricate designs. Though Lavish-Queen favored two piece sets, every look had its own flair. Whether it be a chain interwoven or two colors stitched together, it was easily one of the most creative collections. The sets were a fan favorite with bucket hats as the collection finale. 

TFULA or “The Fuck U Lookin’ At”

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