Style Watch: Malaysian image coach Ong Ming Yen believes fashion is empowering

Digital content creator and image coach Ong Ming Yen makes it her aim every day to dress appropriately for every occasion.

Her aim in her line of work, which ranges from corporate image training to individual styling and personal shopping, is to encourage people to embrace and express their own unique style.

“As an image coach in the fashion and beauty industry, I strive to empower individuals to express their unique style with confidence and authenticity,” says Ong, who is known by the moniker “Stilettoes Diva” on social media.

She describes her personal style as being a mix of three specific looks – classic, dramatic and sporty – as her wardrobe includes many pieces relevant to these styles on repeat.

What is your favourite go-to look?

I am meticulous with my OOTD (outfit of the day) so I will make sure my outfit is tidy enough to step out my front door. When it comes to work, I love a good non-wrinkled little black dress and sometimes I’ll add on a blazer. I think a blazer is a must-have if one is in the corporate world.

On casual days, my favourite go-to look is sporty and relaxed. A pair of cargo pants and a collared shirt, or just with a tee.

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What are your three must-have style/beauty items?

It really depends on what I want people to focus on me that day. If I want them to look at my nice, hydrated, porcelain skin, then a good cushion foundation is a must-have for me.

Talking a lot on a particular day will mean that I want them to see my lips first so a red lipstick is a must-have. And I can

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