As the weather changes, pamper your pet with these skin care tips

Image Source : FREEPIK As the weather changes, pamper your pet with these skin care tips

As the season changes from chilly winter to summer, dogs and other pets also require a new skincare routine. The weather in February has been warmer than normal thus far, necessitating routine pet grooming because they are sensitive to seasonal allergies in addition to fleas and ticks during this time of year. You may find an allergy or dry skin if you notice your pet scratching, licking, or itching excessively. Dr. Shantanu Kalambi, Chief Veterinarian,, advises pet owners to take care of their pets’ skin as the weather warms up to avoid dryness, inflammation, and other skin problems.

She shares the following springtime skincare advice for your pet:

Daily grooming: It’s important to brush your pet frequently to help remove loose fur and prevent matting. Regular grooming can also promote circulation and disperse natural oils, which are beneficial for your pet’s skin and coat.

Protection against ticks and fleas: Ticks and fleas are at their peak in the springtime. You can protect your pet by using flea and tick prevention products. Consult the veterinarian before buying any product.

Prevent Allergies: Speak to your veterinarian about potential allergies and treatment options if you observe excessive scratching, licking, or itching.

Beware of the sun: Pay attention to the sun as it rises and protect your pet from it. Consider applying pet-safe sunscreen to exposed areas on pets with light-coloured or short hair who may be more susceptible to sunburn. 

Make your pet look clean and smart: Maintain your pet’s skin and coat health. Retain a clean appearance and give your pet a bath once every four to six weeks. Over-bathing can remove natural oils from the skin, resulting in dry, itchy skin.

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