Amazon offers same-day Prime delivery for select retail chains

Amazon is giving some prime-pricing-across-europe-095034469.html” data-ylk=”slk:Prime members” class=”link “Prime members access to another perk they can take advantage of if they’d like to buy from a store nearby but can’t be bothered to put on outside clothes. The e-commerce giant has announced that Prime subscribers in more than 10 metro areas in the US will now be able to delivery-from-your-favorite-retail-stores” data-ylk=”slk:shop from select local brick-and-mortar stores” class=”link “shop from select local brick-and-mortar stores through Amazon and then have the items delivered to their home on the same day. At the moment participating retailers include apparel brands PacSun, Superdry and Diesel, as well as popular vitamin retailer GNC.

To order from the participating retail stores, customers can browse their curated selections on the Amazon app or website and then choose same-day delivery upon checkout. Amazon will forward the order to the customer’s local store to be fulfilled by associates. An Amazon delivery partner will then pick up the order from the retail location and deliver it to the customer. Delivery is free for purchases above $25, but will set customers back $3 for orders below that amount. That said, buyers can also choose to buy and pay online but pick up their orders in person, which sounds like a great option if they just don’t want to browse in-store and line up to pay.

As amazon-launches-same-day-delivery-from-select-retail-stores-including-pacsun-and-diesel/” data-ylk=”slk:TechCrunch” class=”link “TechCrunch notes, this is the e-commerce giant‘s latest move to keep up with rival services that offer same-day deliveries, such as Instacart. It also ensures it’s not falling behind competitors in any way: Walmart, for instance local-retailers-170300207.html” data-ylk=”slk:launched a same-day delivery service” class=”link “launched a same-day delivery service for local retailers last year. The new Prime perk is now available in a

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