exploring the roots and internationalisation of flamenco fashion

Between a flamenco design’s conception to the birth of a flamenco dress, weeks or even months may pass. This artisanal process, carried out by dressmakers and flamenco fashion designers, comparable to that of prestigious haute couture brands, materialises in high-quality garments that have managed to evolve and popularise this attire beyond Spain, rooted in the rich tradition of the southern region of the country.

At the dawn of a new season, We Love Flamenco once again set the pulse of a sector preparing to arrive in time for the emblematic April Fair in Seville. An event that inaugurates the fairs and pilgrimages in Andalusia, where the costumes leave the catwalk and fill the natural environment, the event centre where the annual celebrations [of the April Fair] take place.

The flamenco fashion market is as diverse as its protagonists, each with a unique history and a business model as genuine as its costumes, which, although rooted in tradition, have the ability to transform ruffles, polka dots and fringes into completely different stories.

Credits: Silvia Sánchez, photographer
Credits: Silvia Sánchez, photographer

With the successful expansion of flamenco fashion beyond the borders of Andalusia, embracing international opportunities, the sector experiences constant annual growth. The latest records from the Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion (Extenda) reveal a projected turnover of nearly 557 million euros by 2025, supported by exports to regions such as the Middle East, among others, which continue to increase.

Pedro Béjar: “Outside Spain, the brand’s dresses are perceived as works suitable for shows or parties”

Pedro Béjar embracing The Countess in the backstage of his Vulnerable collection presentation at We Love Flamenco
Pedro Béjar embracing The Countess in the backstage of the presentation of his Vulnerable collection at We Love Flamenco Credits: Silvia Sánchez, photographer

Designer Pedro Béjar —who chose the Dutch drag queen The Countess to conclude the presentation of his “Vulnerable” collection at the most recent edition of We Love

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