BASF Debuts CBD-Based Ingredient for Skin Care Products

German chemicals firm BASF recently announced the release of a new CBD-based ingredient in the US market for skin care formulas made from domestically grown industrial hemp. The company said its ComfortBD offering helps achieve a mattified complexation and can help alleviate red, irritated skin.

“Since the pandemic, consumers have shifted their preferences, looking for sustainable and efficient solutions, and CBD is the perfect candidate for this, as it’s a natural solution that provides relaxing and calming properties,” Nader Mahmoud, vice president, business management for BASF’s Personal Care business in North America, said in a company release. “Our Research & Development team has deep expertise with plant and botanical extracts. They found the exact synergy and combination to create an active ingredient extracted from L. Cannabis sativa soured and sustainably grown in the United States.”

ComfortBD ingredients, sold by BASF’s Care Chemicals division, do not impart a color or odor in products and have shown efficacy in in vitro and in vivo testing. The product has levels of CBD exceeding 80% and THC levels lower than 0.2%.

Earlier this summer, ingredients maker Kemin Industries announced the launch of its Luxiva line of hemp-based CBD distillates for the health and wellness industry.

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