Sean Garette Drops His Skin Care Routine

Sean Garette is not a regular esthetician—he’s a cool esthetician. As the founder of Sean Garette Skin Spa, Garette obviously believes in a good skin care routine, but he also understands that some people may not have the time, money, or energy to give 100% every day and night. 

“We all have very busy lives, especially during times when we have more events, more things going on,” he tells Glamour. “So I like to tell people to give themselves a little bit of leeway, to not be so obsessive and restrictive about your routine, especially when you’re having fun and enjoying life.”

Garette’s grounded approach to skin care made him a trusted skinfluencer to his 120,000 social media followers. His work and commitment to amplifying skin care for people of color caught the attention of Dior Beauty, who named him the brand’s official skin care expert last year. “I think what makes a good skin care brand is their commitment to healthy skin, which a lot of brands are just starting to catch on to,” Garette says. ”When I was younger, it was all about stripping, drying, mattifying. Brands are coming back to nourishing the skin barrier and thinking about health, which has always been Dior’s message.”

Running his own business, Garette knows a thing or two about being busy. During New York Fashion Week last week, he attended a slew of parties and events, which took a toll on his skin. “I never wear makeup in normal life,” he says. “But for events and photos, you want your skin look a lot better, so I usually wear a little bit of concealer or powder. I do make sure I’m cleansing and doing some kind of skin care routine, but it’s usually a pared-down version of what

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