Flood warning extended around Fashion Valley area near San Diego River

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — The flood warning in the Fashion Valley area of Mission Valley was extended Wednesday as flooding onto roadways from the San Diego River continued.

At the intersection of Avenida Del Rio and Camino Del La Reina, what looks like a river of 2-3 feet of water was seen spilling out of the San Diego River, across Avenida Del Rio.

At this intersection, the National Weather Service (NWS) said the San Diego River floods with between 7.5-8 feet of water.

Drivers will see barricades and caution tape at this section, and adjacent is another road closure right underneath state Route 163.

The NWS said the pass under SR-163 on Camino Del La Reina flooded with 4 feet of water on Jan. 22, just to give a picture of how deep the water gets at that point.

Other flooding can be seen on Fashion Valley Road next to the MTS bus stops. The NWS said the flooding there shows how the San Diego River can only hold 10 feet of water before it starts to overflow and flood surrounding roads.

Flooding can also be seen in the parking garages by Macy’s department store on the ground level. The NWS said those garages typically flood with at 2 feet of water.

When it comes to flood warning, NWS San Diego meteorologist Alex Tardy said, “That means stay out of the river area when the warning is issued. If we issue a flash flood warning for anywhere in San Diego, that means stay out of the flooded area. Which may or may not be the river, it could be anywhere. Where you’re standing, we issued the flood warning because it’s already occurring and expected to continue.”

On Tuesday, San Diego Fire-Rescue Chief Colin Stowell said the 911 call center received

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