Kris Jenner Drops Her 9-Step Skin-Care Routine

As any fan of the Kardashian family knows, Kris Jenner pretty much does it all: momager, business mogul, Ariana Grande music video star, and jenner-bob-haircut?utm_source=yahoo&utm_medium=syndication&mbid=synd_yahoo_rss” data-ylk=”slk:pixie-cut pioneer” class=”link “pixie-cut pioneer. At this point, it’s hard to find a career or title that the Kardashians star has yet to add to her impressively lengthy résumé. 

Well, you can officially add beauty influencer to that list. The multihyphenate mom has taken to Instagram—well, more specifically, her daughter Kim Kardashian‘s account—to drop her nine-step skin-care routine, which consists solely of products from Kim’s newly launched line SKKN. Convenient!

“Hey everybody, it’s Kris, and I’m here tonight at Kim’s SKKN office, I just wanted to show you guys my routine,” Kardashian says in the video. “I am in my 60s, and for me to find a new routine that really works is kind of amazing.” 

Jenner then goes on to recall how, after just two days of using said SKKN products, her cousin walked into the room and, upon seeing her face, asked, “Wow, what did you do to your skin?” That’s when Jenner “knew Kim was onto something,” she said, inspiring her to share her “little routine” with the world.

Jenner then launched into her detailed regimen, narrating each step as relaxing, spa-like music plays in the background. “What I love about this is that it’s really light, but it just takes off all the makeup,” she said, while lathering up SKKN’s Cleanser. 

As for the eight remaining products? Jenner uses the brand’s exfoliator, followed by the essence, toner, hyaluronic acid serum (which she lets “bake”), vitamin C serum, face cream, face oil, and finally, eye cream.

Okay, so, Kris Jenner killed it. Kim, can we get Pete Davidson‘s routine next?


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