Jewelry simulation or rendering are nothing new, but they are getting increased traction as online jewelry shopping gets a bigger and bigger market share. Rendering enables jewelers to create simulations for many products, and has several clear advantages: Bigger stock, and significant saving in both time and money.


What is Rendering?


3D rendering is a three-dimensional computer graphics process which enables to automatically convert 2D models to 3D models that look realistic.


The computerized process enables to create a simulation of any object, from homes to bridges, as well as products that do not yet exist. You could, for instance, simulate a non-existent building into a neighborhood, simulate a non-existent highway system in its surroundings, and even see how a certain ring would look on your finger – without ever touching it.


Rendering gold Rings jewelry
Credit: Diana Rafael


Rendering in Jewelry


The jewelry business has quickly taken to renderings. Rendering is highly effective in the design process, and enables jewelers to create models in 2D or 3D, and then produce realistic images of the piece from every angle with every type of gem or diamond, and in gold of every color. Jewelers can also choose the background of the image, including its color and texture. The entire process can be done in a few hours.


Advantages of Rendering


When creating jewelry collections, jewelry companies or designers use pricey raw materials. The jewel’s journey, from the design process to its purchase by the end client, is a long and expensive one. So, instead of creating a model out of gold and precious stones, photograph it and offer to sell it online, jewelers can now create previews of their jewelry designs by rendering, thereby saving hundreds of dollars in costs. Rendering enables them to create, for instance, a model of a piece made of

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Design Your Own Jewelry | Allurez

One of the best things about Allurez is that we allow you to design your own jewelry. Whether it is a ring, earrings, monogram, or pendant, you can customize a beautiful piece of jewelry and we will make it to your exact specifications. These custom pieces make great gifts for any occasion, including engagements, anniversaries, and even birthdays. Our monogramming options include pendants, earrings, rings, and even men’s items like cufflinks and money clips. To customize these pieces, simply choose your favorite style and we will handle the rest, adding the first, middle, and last initials that you request. These pieces are available in many different metals and lettering styles, as well. Diamond pendants are an ideal custom gift for anniversaries or other special occasions. We offer Bezel settings for round diamonds, and traditional four-prong settings for every shape.

You can also choose from yellow gold, white gold, or platinum for your setting and chain. Any of these pendants would look great with a coordinating ring or earrings, but they make great stand-alone gifts as well. Earrings make a great complement to your partner’s existing engagement ring, so they are a great anniversary gift. Our site allows you to easily customize a pair of earrings to suit your tastes. Choose from several different settings, including Bezel, martini, and basket settings, and eight different metals, including gold, platinum, and palladium. We also offer halo style settings that include a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding the center diamond.

You can then choose from our wide selection of diamonds to find one that fits your vision. Your partner will love these custom designs. Perhaps our most exciting design-your-own jewelry offering is our selection of custom engagement rings, which include both diamond and gemstone settings. You can choose from thousands of settings,

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Genuine Fine Jewelry – Allurez Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

Genuine Jewelry:

At Allurez we believe that natural is beautiful therefore, we guarantee that all of the precious stones used in our jewelry is 100% natural and high quality.

Our Jewelry Appraises for Double

We have been told by our customers, that they were able to get the jewelry they purchased from us appraised for at least double the price they paid. Our prices are low, and the quality of our jewelry is so high, that they can easily be appraised for at least double.

High Quality Diamonds Gemstones:

We only sell jewelry with high quality diamonds and gemstones. Most of our diamond jewelry is of G-H color, which is much better than what is used by most other jewelers. We do not sell lab created or synthetic jewelry.

High Quality Precious Metals:

We only sell jewelry with high quality Precious Metals like 925-Sterling Silver, 14k and 18k Gold. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not sell jewelry with 10k gold, because of its low quality. We also do not sell fake jewelry that are gold-plated, vermeil or gold-filled.


Our jewelry, especially wedding bands and engagement rings, contain a great deal of precious metals, making them heavier and more valuable than jewelry sold by most of our competitors. Also the high quality diamonds and gemstones, combined with our unique designs, make our jewelry very valuable and everlasting.

Unbelievable Prices:

Beyond the highest quality jewelry that we offer, our prices are also unbeatable! If you see a lower price anywhere, simply contact us and we will beat or match those prices.

Read some of the many reasons our customers keep choosing us.

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Macy’s jewelry sale: The best discounts on diamond and gemstone gifts for Valentine’s Day

Macy’s is having a huge jewelry sale just in time for Valentine’s Day with diamond and gemstone designs marked 35-70% off.

The sale, which runs through Tuesday, Feb. 14, has many necklaces, rings and earrings discounted.

Shoppers can also get an extra 20% off select jewelry pieces using the promo code SPARKLE. And as an added perk, Macy’s is offering a special $30 bonus buy of a diamond heart pendant worth $200 with any $25 purchase.

Here’s a look at some of the top Valentine’s Day gift ideas to shop for during Macy’s jewelry sale.





Find more jewelry deals from Macy’s until Feb. 14.


How Amazon Prime members can get 20% off their next Grubhub purchase

Walmart clearance deals: The best discounts on electronics, clothing, Crocs and more

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Here’s Why the Diamond Dazzle Stik Has 46,000 Fans on Amazon

Customers say this little stick works wonders on their jewelry—no matter how grimy it is

There are lots of methods for how to clean jewelry, but sometimes you don’t have time to DIY clean even your best jewelry, and you can’t beat a product that was designed to simplify the task. This bestselling jewelry cleaning stick is a cinch to use and has amassed an impressive 46,000 Amazon reviews—more than 36,000 of which earned a five-star rating—(and counting!), thanks to its ability to restore shine to even the most tarnished cocktail rings that have been sitting in your old jewelry organizer.

What is the Diamond Dazzle Stik?

The Diamond Dazzle Stik looks similar to a tube of mascara, and is about the same size. Its formula results in an effective clean, and the metal-safe ingredients are approved to use on even lesser quality materials you might find in your costume pieces (you know, the ones that turn your skin green). It’s also safe to use on surgical steel earrings for sensitive ears. The stick even reduces the appearance of fine scratches on most types of jewelry—something that has helped earn the product a nearly-perfect 4.6-star rating and thousands of happy reviews. Speaking of high praises, here are 30 more brilliant Amazon products with rave reviews.

How to use the Diamond Dazzle Stik

To use this clever stick, all you need to do is twist it and remove the brush from the solution. Then, work the brush into all the crevices of your bling. Then, run your jewelry under cool water to rinse the product and loosened dirt after cleaning.

Though it’s called the Diamond Dazzle, it also works on precious gemstones, cleans gold and platinum. Fans of sterling say it’s also the best way to clean silver rings and

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Shop Mejuri’s First-Ever Diamond Sale

Diamonds might a girl’s best friend, but its friendship comes at an often high cost. However, in what we can only describe as a shopping miracle, Mejuri is kicking off its first-ever Diamond Week Sale, giving you the chance to save on the precious gem. In case you’re unfamiliar, the direct-to-consumer darling offers gorgeous jewelry that toes the line between timeless and trendy. The jewelry brand has been worn by celebrities and tastemakers alike, from Oprah Winfrey to Selena Gomez to Jenna Lyons. (Even better? Mejuri jewelry is made with high-quality materials, yet its pieces are available for a fair, transparent price.)

Now through February 7, Mejuri is offering 15 percent off all diamond pieces, from pavé bands to modern hoops. And, in the spirit of this glitzy celebration, the company is also releasing special Diamond Week styles that will also be on sale. Whether you want to treat yourself to the classics—many of which have recently been released in a 14K White Gold—or “wow” someone you love with an excellent Valentine’s Day present, one thing’s for sure: This Mejuri sale is the perfect opportunity to restock your jewelry box.

Since high-quality diamonds rarely go on sale, we have a feeling that many of the pieces will sell out in the blink of an eye. To help, we’re sharing the 10 very best, blingiest deals from the inaugural Mejuri diamond sale ahead.

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Jewelry Insurance & Engagement Ring Insurance

Who needs insurance for jewelry?

If you have an engagement ring or other valuable jewelry, a standalone jewelry insurance policy can protect it with specialized coverage.

While your homeowners, renters, or condo insurance may offer coverage for jewelry, you’d need to add a rider for the pieces you want insured, and making a jewelry claim could affect your entire property insurance rate. With a dedicated policy through Lavalier, you get specialized, “all risk” coverage, and your rate won’t automatically increase if you make a claim.

How does jewelry insurance work?

Jewelry insurance works by protecting you from the cost of your jewelry getting lost, damaged, or stolen. If that happens, you’ll make a claim and Lavalier will work with you and your preferred jeweler to repair or replace the piece.

You’ll have a chance to approve the repair or replacement before the claim is completed. Lavalier will pay your jeweler directly, minus your deductible (if you have one).

Learn more about how jewelry insurance works.

How much does it cost to insure jewelry?

Lavalier jewelry insurance starts at $68 per year, and it typically only costs 1–2% of your insured jewelry’s value. You’ll be able to choose your deductible and customize your rate according to your budget. Your deductible can be as low as $0 and as high as $25,000, depending on your preference and your jewelry’s value.

Lavalier offers discounts if you have a home safe or a home alarm, or if you store your jewelry in a bank vault or safe deposit box. There’s also a discount if you have a gemstone grading report.

Is jewelry insurance worth it?

Jewelry insurance can be worth it for the specialized service and coverage you get. It costs only a small fraction of the value of your

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Analysis of a Spectacular 2021 for Diamonds – and a Sobering 2022

In a recently published report titled “2021 Pipeline: Lamenting the Natural Producers’ missed Income,” IDEX Online’s expert analysts Pranay Narvekar and Chaim Even Zohar claim that, following a “dream year” for the natural diamond industry in 2021, this year could prove to be a tipping point for lab-grown diamonds (LGDs).


 The authors begin by analyzing a “spectacular 2021.” 2021, they said, was “probably one of their best years in recent memory” for the diamond midstream and downstream sectors. Polished diamonds, for instance, increased by about 55% compared to 2020 to reach $22.1 billion “due to the bull-whip (or ripple) effect in the pipeline.” 


Meanwhile, The penetration of LGDs in the US market significantly increased in 2021 as more stores “started experimenting with keeping LGD stock,” including LGDs being bought in significant numbers by bridal customers.



Lightbox Jewelry lab diamonds
Credit: Lightbox Jewelry



In a later section, Narvekar and Even Zohar analyze how the pandemic benefited the sector, as governmental Covid-stimulus packages produced “tangible benefits for the jewelry sector” in the US. The analysts explain that, while many did suffer in 2020 and a stimulus was necessary, “the continued flow of stimulus in 2021 was the cherry on the cake, leading to the tremendous boost for the US economy.” This was especially true for durable goods – a category which includes jewelry” – as consumers “seem to have channeled their excess disposable incomes into purchasing hard assets […].”


In a section titled “Time to pay the bills?” Narvekar and Even Zohar say that “the 2021 party, however, seems to be ending […].” Climbing prices and inflation, coupled with higher interest rates, coupled by the diamond industry’s “usual problems of low growth and insufficient profitability,” have led to a projected growth of “not more than 1-2% for the year at a retail level.”


The authors

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California Court Blames Sotheby’s For Loss of $4 Million in Diamonds

A federal judge in California has ruled that Sotheby’s may be responsible for the loss of 45 Vivid yellow diamonds worth $4 million, IDEX Online reports.


In 2019, M&L Financial, a consulting and brokerage firm based in Dallas, Texas, took the gems to Sotheby’s New York for auction on consignment. They told Sotheby’s that they were the exclusive owners of the diamonds but later, according to papers from the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, the auction house released the gems to another party without telling the company.


According to court papers, Jona Rechnitz, owner of Jadelle Jewelry and Diamonds in Beverly Hills, owed M&L “substantial” sums. As security for his debt, he transferred ownership of the diamonds to M&L on the understanding that he could later buy them back at a fixed price. Rechnitz proposed M&L list the diamonds with Sotheby’s. Supposedly, Sotheby’s later released the diamonds to a man who was picking them up on Rechnitz’s behalf. The auction house did not notify M&L. 


In its judgment, the California court reversed a judgment by a lower court and found against Sotheby’s. It said it was reversing “the judgment and remand for further proceedings regarding M&L’s breach of contract claim. We award costs to M&L.”


Fancy Color
Credit: Moti Israeli Diamonds

Tags: Diamonds News, Jewelry News, Diamond Industry News, Diamond Jewelry News

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Bronx smash-and-grab thieves steal $2M in jewelry from store

Brazen smash-and-grab thieves managed to steal more than $2 million of jewelry from a Bronx store.

The NYPD says an employee at Rocco’s Jewelry in the Fordham Heights section buzzed one of the suspects inside the store. That person then held the door for another three robbers.

Once inside, three of the robbers used a hammer to smash open the display cases and steal a large amount of high-end diamond jewelry as the fourth served as a lookout at the front door.

They threw the jewelry into bags they had carried into the store.  They then all ran from the store heading south on Webster Avenue.  No one was hurt in the incident.

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The first suspect who approached the store is described as a man in his 20s, with a dark complexion and a slim build, wearing a black baseball hat, white t-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and black sunglasses.

The other three suspects are described as men roughly in their 20s, with dark completions and slim builds, wearing all dark clothing, dark-colored masks, and gloves. 

Anyone with information in regard to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the CrimeStoppers website at, or on Twitter @NYPDTips.

Police say all calls are strictly confidential.

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