Long-lost Elvis Presley jewelry is headed for auction

File video above: Iconic Elvis Presley memorabilia auctioned in 2021From sparkling jumpsuits to diamond-studded rings, Elvis Presley loved all things glittery — as do collectors of his memorabilia. But much of the jewelry famously gifted by the singer to his manager Colonel Tom Parker was long considered lost.Now, decades after the items were last seen, a California auction house has tracked down dozens of the jewels ahead of a major sale.The glitzy gifts given to Parker include an 18-karat gold Corum watch, which features a 130-year-old $20 coin on the dial, as well as a pair of Presley’s custom cufflinks reading “rock” and “roll” on their undersides.Also featured in the auction are items Presley had custom-made for Parker, the man often credited with making him a star. They include a pair of diamond and ruby snowman-shaped cufflinks, which the singer purchased for his manager to commemorate the success of the history-making “Aloha From Hawaii” satellite broadcast in 1973. (According to the auction catalog, Parker was nicknamed the “Snowman” and his bejeweled cufflink snowmen are depicted smoking cigars.)Brigitte Kruse, the founder and CEO of Kruse GWS Auctions, said she spent almost 10 years trying to source Parker’s personal collection and bring it to market.”I was told (in 2014) by a major collector and someone in the business for 30 years that ‘the most important Elvis jewelry collection of all time is out there and up for grabs,'” she told CNN via email.After years of dead ends searching for the “lost” collection, Kruse said learned of a financial dispute that had kept the items out of the public eye for nearly five decades. Eventually, one of the auction house’s clients negotiated a price for the items and purchased them, she said.”It was … a collection that we (had) all ‘heard … Read the rest

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