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Diploma Program

Graduate Diamonds Diploma Program

This diploma program explores the GIA diamond grading methods to assess the 4Cs of Diamond Quality – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight – and how they affect diamond value. Students use professional diamond grading equipment for the purposes of examining a diamond’s quality characteristics to grade and identify diamonds. Coursework also includes creating plotting diagrams; determining fluorescence; and detecting treated diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds and diamond simulants. Other topics covered include the effect of fluorescence on diamond body color; the role cut plays in the marketplace; and important sectors of the diamond industry, including dealers, cutters and manufacturers.

How to Earn: Full-Time On Campus or Distance Education

Duration: 7 instructional weeks

What You Earn: Graduate Diamonds Diploma

Ideal For: Industry professionals and individuals who want a career in the diamond industry, including the skills and knowledge to grade diamonds. Completing the Graduate Diamonds program is required to earn the GIA Graduate Gemologist diploma.

Full-Time Program

Diamond Essentials

A comprehensive, multi-week, on-campus program covering the technical expertise needed to grade, buy, and sell diamonds.

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