An Honest Review of Ranavat Restoring Moonseed Treatment

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Ranavat is one of my favorite beauty brand loves. I’ve fallen in complete love with the hair line, which includes the Regenerative Veda⁴ Bond Complex Shampoo  and Conditioner ($48 each), and tried-and-true products like Radiant Rani ($75), the Resurfacing Saffron AHA Masque. But the Ayurvedic brand has been a lifesaver with its latest launch, especially because I’ve been dealing with something out of the ordinary when it comes to my skin: itchy redness that is probably due to the cold, dry weather. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you the universe was looking out for me the minute I started using the gorgeously named L’Immortale Empress Restoring Moonseed Treatment ($125).

How it works

The Restoring Moonseed Treatment contains over 30 medicinal Ayurvedic ingredients, including bala, an herb that revitalizes the skin and soothes inflammation and irritation, as well as shatavari, or adaptogenic asparagus that helps keep wrinkles from forming and encourages collagen production. And then there’s moonseed of course, which is an antioxidant plant that is known as “the root of immortality,” has heart-shaped leaves (cute), and targets fine lines and wrinkles.

“I created the Restoring Moonseed Treatment because bala, moonseed and shatavari are some of the most advanced ingredients when it comes to delaying the effects of age and they were not accessible in modern skin care,” explains founder Michelle Ranavat. “Not only did these ingredients show some amazing results when it came to fine lines, skin irritation, and skin barrier strengthening, but I

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