Vancouver-Based Luxury Resale Retailer FAULKNER Partners with Grailed for Global Exposure

Vancouver’s online luxury clothing and consignment store FAULKNER continues its partnership with world-leading resale platform Grailed – building the FAULKNER brand across the globe.

“It’s amazing. With the way fashion’s moving, it is becoming more of a sustainable practice to resell. It’s also such an amazing outlet for young people who ordinarily can’t afford to buy some pieces brand new. Grailed has become such a big community, and it really keeps you in touch with young people who are on the pulse of fashion – who not only know what is happening but also where it is going,” said James Faulkner, owner and founder of FAULKNER.  

“Grailed reached out and wanted us to be one of their trusted sellers, delivering monthly capsules. Now we’re super excited because it exposes use to a global audience.”

“Over just our last two drops, we have grown an in-house audience of almost 1,000 people from around the world on the platform, which is just incredible.”

The company began in May 2017 with a small storefront in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and has since evolved into an office in the historic Gastown district, carrying sustainably sourced clothing and accessories.

FAULKNER is Grailed’s only Canadian featured seller, and this is their second collaboration to date. Grailed is a peer-to-peer marketplace featuring one of the largest catalogs of luxury designer, streetwear, and archival fashion on the internet.

“When Grailed first started, it was basically for people who really had an appreciation for more obscure designers,” said Faulkner.

“It appealed to the kind of purists who were into these styles of clothing, and then Grailed exploded globally. It’s become a bit of an institution. A lot of trends come from Grailed now because it’s such a massive platform.”

In late July, FAULKNER launched a curated

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