Project Best Life | Skin Care in the Harsh Winter Months

In Western New York, we face the reality of dry skin every winter, without fail. From the dry cold winter air outside to the dry air from our furnaces inside, it’s important to think about staying hydrated in the dry season. Keeping your skin and your body hydrated and healthy has many benefits.

Dehydrated skin could crack and create a pathway for germs and irritants to enter your body. Plus hydrating your skin slows down the appearance of aging, helps prevent acne, and is just less itchy and more comfortable.

Of course the first step to hydration is drinking plenty of water and hydrating beverages and foods. But if you need a boost, Project Best Life spoke to several experts in the area who know exactly how to help!

Averi Wachowiak gives Jordan a hydra treatment

If you’re looking to revamp your home care regimen or just add in a few more hydrating products to your routine, Elite Esthetics is here for you. The studio opened in 2020 and offers everything from lash lifts to enzyme therapy, and of course the Face Reality program.

“I tell all of my clients whether they’re in acne boot camp or not that Face Reality is a great line for just basic skin care in general” Owner Averi Wachowiak said. This includes products like cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc. Face Reality is often focused on acne-prone clients, but the studio has another esthetician who partners with the Eminence line which Averi says is a great option for those who are less concerned with acne and more concerned with the appearance of aging and general hydration.

The two products from the Face Reality line that Averi recommends for the dry season are Hydrabalance hydrating gel and the Hydracalm Mask. When you’re feeling really dry you can create a “Hydrabalance sandwich,” as Averi calls

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