Juventus Away Kits Gets Streetwear Remix

Juventus has collaborated with a Mexican streetwear brand Liberal Youth Ministry for a limited-edition collection of customised away jerseys. Let’s take a look at the drip!

What’s the story?

The Juve away jerseys have been re-done and customised by Liberal Youth Ministry for a limited edition collection

Juve’s new away jersey was released last week and is already getting the streetwear re-design treatment. 

Let’s take a look at the designs. 

Juve’s Liberal Youth Ministry jersey

The limited-edition collection comes with five separate designs. The Juve away jersey serves as an outer layer, with most of the jersey’s being ripped to showcase a colourful design beneath it. 

A standout is an un-ripped Juve jersey that comes with orange and purple Swarovski crystals. It was worn by Paul Pogba during the Dover Street Market launch in Los Angeles. 

Scroll through the gallery to view the dynamic designs

Another design comes with a green Yin-Yang symbol as well as a cosy design that comes with a pink hoodie that serves as an underlayer for the ripped Juve jersey

The launch

The collection was launched on 25 July with Juventus ballers like Paul Pogba, Denis Zakaria, Manuel Locatelli, and Dusan Vlahovic making an appearance.

According to an article on Hypebeast, Pogba embraces Football’s crossovers with fashion. 

“It all matches. fashion and music and football — everything goes together.” 

This is not Juve’s first crossover with a streetwear fashion brand, they worked with Palace Skateboards for their fourth kit during the 2019/20 season.

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