G-Eazy and Jeff Staple Reveal Candid Love Affair With Sneakers and The Hustle

Life doesn’t slow down, even when you’re on the top like rapper G-Eazy and streetwear designer Jeff Staple. In an exclusive interview for Footwear News, the duo get candid about their love for sneakers, creating art, and building their respective empires in streetwear and music.

For Staple, who just closed the second ever STAPLE Day, an in-person and app event for exclusive merch and collection drops, there was no prophesied success. “I was never the most talented, never the richest, but I worked my a** off,” he tells G-Eazy. Before the start of his now cult followed brand, Staple began perhaps the way any young entrepreneur might. He found himself sneaking into print facilities, producing graphic tees, and later gifting them as a means for free advertising. “Me and a homie left the window of the silkscreen lab unlocked and we would break in and make T-shirts all night,” Staple confesses.

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But this was just the beginning for the young business mogul. “I also believe there’s a means to an end. What is the endgame? Am I just trying to win today’s battle? Or is there a 10- or 20-year vision?” Staple asks. Now, after celebrating 25 years of success, he sits at the center of a streetwear obsessed culture, hungry to create more.

“It’s refreshing to meet a person I’ve looked up to that still has a level of humility and excitement over these things. You don’t sound jaded. You still carry the joy of that first phone call and getting that opportunity,” G-Eazy tells Staple. 

Credit: By Justin Bettman, courtesy of Footwear News

Credit: By Justin Bettman, courtesy of Footwear News

By Justin Bettman, courtesy of Footwear News

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