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100 years ago

Scores of residents living in the southeastern part of Winchester are engaged these “dog” days in fighting rats, which have invaded their premises in hordes and which have made life a burden to many people.

The rats are literally to be seen by the hundreds and have grown so bold and so accustomed to human beings, that they are virtually tame.

It is said that the rats inhabited the city dumping grounds southeast of the city and that the recent heavy rain storms have inundated parts of the dump, with the result that thousands of the rodents have deserted the dump and have invaded portions of the town.

Aug. 3, 1922

Henry Batt, formerly a well-known merchant of Reynolds Store, who recently bought Fred A. Robinson’s residence property on North Main street, is having a storeroom erected just south of the dwelling and it is understood he will engage in business there.

Mr. Batt and family will move into the Robinson house as soon as the latter’s family move into their new home, which is being erected on one of the Gibbens lots on the opposite side of the street.

Aug. 3, 1922

The third and last group of children to go from Roanoke to Princess Lodge, a summer home of Dr. P.W. Boyd near Winchester, will leave Wednesday. The Lodge was built especially to accommodate city children whom Dr. Boyd, at his own expense, is entertaining there during the children’s vacation from school.

Twenty girls twelve years of age or younger will comprise the party. Twenty boys who have been at the lodge for a month returned today.

The new party, like the others, will stay four weeks.

Children of the poor who do not have the opportunity of enjoying outdoor life, who are undernourished or

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