Our Evolving Love For Diamonds

We spoke to young Indians about their relationship with diamonds, which are now more personal, a symbol of love for themselves, and an extension of their personality beyond ordinary conventions

Diamond jewellery has long been a symbol of status and wealth. For generations, diamonds have been associated with exclusivity and perceived as a mark of success and achievement. But in recent years, the definition and perception of luxury have evolved, and the relevance of diamonds has changed for millennials and Gen Z, now the largest consumers of diamond jewellery. They are more conscious of ethical and sustainable practices and are looking for jewellery brands that are transparent about their sourcing and production practices. In addition, they are also more aware of their budget and are looking for high-quality jewellery, but not overpriced. This change in perception has influenced brands to pivot to cater to this market.

We spoke to young Indians about their relationship with diamonds, which are now more personal, a symbol of love for themselves, and an extension of their personality beyond ordinary conventions.


I associate diamonds with a feeling of prestige. Diamond is created due to pressure; I associate personally with that as well. If you want to be the diamond of your space, you need to be willing to face the pressure. As the famous saying goes, “No Pressure, No Diamond.”

In our generation, people have understood that there is no right time to buy a diamond except when you feel like you deserve it. Since it’s a status symbol, people tend to reward themselves when they achieve life goals instead of waiting for special occasions. I bought my first diamond ring on my 20th birthday when I hit 400k followers on my Instagram. It was a double celebration, and I decided what

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How To Take Care Of Diamonds

Diamonds have been treasured for centuries for their exceptional beauty and durability. And they have been a symbol of love and commitment for decades now. We’ve all, at a point in time, wish to own a diamond for its brilliance and its symbolisation of love. But like anything that reminds us of love, diamonds should be cared for and protected too.

Diamonds, being the hardest substance known to us, can chip at the edges. They can also be affected by heat, chemicals, and everyday wear and tear. They can be stored in an air-tight box with cotton to protect them from scratch.

Also, an important thing to consider is that diamond rings or bangles should also not be worn when applying hairspray, creams or lotions. This can temporarily discolour the diamonds and make them lose their lustre. An important thing to consider is that while diamonds repel water, oils and grease can affect them.

So, how do we take care of diamonds? We got you covered with a detailed pointer for the same.

The most important thing to do is to store one’s diamond jewellery safely in a clean box. During the storage of diamond jewellery, it is advisable to keep it away from other jewellery. Not only can the exposed facets of one’s diamond jewellery scratch the metal surfaces of neighbouring jewellery pieces, but also other softer jewellery materials, such as gemstones and pearls, can get scratched by diamonds.

For the cleaning treatment, one can prepare a small bowl of warm water with a dash of dishwashing liquid and submerge one’s diamond jewellery for some minutes. If one notices some dirt accumulation that is not dissolving in the warm water on its own, one can use a small brush with soft bristles and remove the residue with a

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Statement diamond jewellery for your V-day look

Whether it is with your partner or a potential romantic interest, Valentine’s Day is special and exciting. And when a day is that special, we definitely need to get the memo right. If you’re someone who cares about putting their most stylish foot forward, you will agree that a lot of prep goes into planning a V-day look—from the outfit and accessories, to hair and make-up; we want everything to be perfect. For someone who prefers elegance and dainty charm, nothing can elevate your look like a piece (or more!) of diamond jewellery. Designs at Tanishq are delicate, timeless, and sure-fire to add radiance to your V-day attire. Tanishq’s 1000+ range of styles and designs—everything from dainty necklaces and intricate bracelets, to discerning pairs of earrings—is a rare and magical combination of contemporary and timeless designs. What’s more, these pieces look stunning on every occasion, be it a brunch look, a movie outing, or a candlelight dinner, diamonds work round the clock! 

Diamonds have been known to be a woman’s best friend and Tanishq’s versatile and timeless range of diamond jewellery has been a preferred choice across generations. The diamond jewellery collection at Tanishq is not just aesthetically pleasing but also a superb investment and can be 100% exchanged at prevailing selling prices at the 360+ Tanishq stores. And you also have an option to redesign your old Tanishq diamond jewellery to get yourself an on-trend piece that will suit your style; choose from a plethora of designs, which are available at irresistible prices and come with 100% cartage assurance.

If diamonds are what your heart desires—whether you choose to own them or gift them to a loved one—here are five diamond jewellery pieces by Tanishq that can further illuminate your V-day. 


A minimal necklace

While ringarde has its

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Andre Michael launches diamond jewellery collection

Fine jewellery supplier Andre Michael has launched a new collection of diamond jewellery featuring responsibly sourced cabochon-shaped rubies and pink sapphires.

The stones have been mined by Greenland Ruby and are now available at accessible price points for retailers in the UK and Ireland.

Andre Michael will present the collection to retailers at the Company of Master Jewellers (CMJ) spring trade event at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole on March 5 and 6, 2023.

Retailers may offer this commercially-priced collection, including rings, earrings and pendants, as white-label products featuring Greenland Ruby stones.

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Hatton Garden-based Andre Michael is one of the first suppliers of Greenland Ruby gemstones, set in fine diamond jewellery, to the UK and Irish markets.

The rubies and pink sapphires are extracted at a mine site operated by Greenland Ruby in Appaluttoq, Greenland, in corundum bearing rock believed by geologists to be one of the world’s oldest rock formations.

The stones are mined, cut and polished adhering to responsible best practices, and fully respecting human rights and environmental laws.

The rubies and sapphires are traceable from mine-to-market, representing a consistent supply for designers’ and brands’ jewellery assortment needs.

Michael commented: “Retailers will be able to tell the story to their customers that these lovely red rubies and pink sapphires are fully traceable and responsibly sourced from Greenland.”

In due course, Andre Michael will offer a bespoke service for retailers to incorporate a premium range of gemstones from Greenland Ruby into jewellery.


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Global Gold & Diamond Jewellery Market 2023 Dynamics, Major Players, SWOT Analysis, and Business Forecast to 2030 By VMReports

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Feb 18, 2023 (Heraldkeepers) —
New Jersey, United States,- Our report on the Gold & Diamond Jewellery Market provides an insightful look into the current and future status of this lucrative market. It offers detailed data on the market size and forecast, product segmentation, and key market trends, along with key players and their competitive landscape. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the industry�s potential and opportunities, investment trends and risks, and the cost structure, based on extensive research and surveys.

This report gives an in-depth understanding of the factors driving the gold and diamond jewellery market as well as provides a detailed evaluation of the competitive landscape. It contains insights on revenue growth, pricing analysis, market share analysis and key trends in the industry. In addition, it identifies the key factors influencing the industry�s growth and provides information on key players within it. This report will be a valuable asset for those interested in understanding and entering the gold and diamond jewellery market.

Download Full PDF Sample Copy of Global Gold & Diamond Jewellery Report @

Top Key Players of the Global Global Gold & Diamond Jewellery Market:

Chow Tai Fook, Richemont, Signet Jewellers, Swatch Group, Rajesh Exports, Lao Feng Xiang, Tiffany, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, LVMH Moet Hennessy, Zocai, Swarovski Corporation, Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook, Pandora, Damiani, Stuller, Gitanjali Group, GUCCI, Graff Diamond, Damas International, Buccellati, De Beers, Blue Nile, CHANEL

The segmental analysis section of the report includes a thorough research study on key type and application segments of the Global Global Gold & Diamond Jewellery market. All of the segments considered for the study are analyzed in quite some detail on the basis of market share, growth rate, recent developments, technology,

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