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[smooth music]

Hey, this is Maggie Rogers, and I’m gonna walk you

through my daily skincare routine and my everyday

makeup look look with a little something extra.

I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms,

so having some sort of scent that is consistent

helps me make every place feel a bit more like home.

Candle. And I found some matches in my bag

from one of my favorite restaurants in Boston,

where I just finished grad school.

Ready to start.

First step for my skincare routine

is to get my hair out of my face.

I use Kiel’s, super simple and most important for my life.

I can always buy it in an airport.

Just a little bit.

For an exfoliator, I used Pharrel’s Humanrace skincare.

We first met back at NYU when I was studying

music production, and he’s been such a kind supporter

of my music over the last couple years,

and so it was really sick in the middle of the pandemic

when I got a call from him to come be a part

of the Humanrace campaign.

Take about two pumps.

For moisturizer, I use Whipped Dream by Isla.

I have dry skin.

This sort of tends to do the trick.

I really got into skincare when I was touring,

because it became this way to come down from the road

or from stage, there’s so much adrenaline involved in that.

And also, having that multi-step process where I could

really have this incredibly tangible way

to involve myself with self-care.

It just became more and more essential.

I just finished grad school and stress breakouts

are definitely a thing, too.

You could even see right here.

Like, I get these dry skin patches.

Trying to just keep a couple products consistent

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