Korean Glassy Skin Care Tips

You know that time when you are watching a k-drama or scrolling through Instagram and see a Korean influencer talking but the only thing you can notice is how clear and glassy their skin is? Or have you ever wondered how to get rid of this mark or that mark and get clear skin but do not know which ways to follow? 

Looking beautiful is not the only reason to have clear skin, because, have you ever heard about the number of pimples you have on your face or where you have them is linked to what part of your body is not certainly healthy? 

This is why you need a skincare routine and a few additional tips to achieve a clean and clear fave. Water is the key to a healthy body and I just can not stress this enough, drink as much water as you can, you will not only see the difference on your skin but also on your whole body. It will flush out all the toxins from your body and will have various positive benefits. 

Korea is a leading industry when it comes to beauty and fashion, they gave us BB creams, sheet masks, and cushion compacts. Korean women always prefer the no makeup look and they look beautiful as ever because they focus more on their skin’s actual appearance rather than trying to cover it, I am not calling out anyone who loves to apply makeup but those who try to cover it because it is a lot more beautiful, trust me!

Now let us get into the tips that we initially promised!

Wash your face with Water

Use Pimple Patches for Blemishes

 Apply Essence

Apply Toner

Use an Eye Cream

Do Deep Cleanses Before Applying Makeup

Apply Moisturiser

Add Face Oil to Your

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