Hype Chocolate: New spot for treats and ice cream opens in Vancouver

A local treat maker has taken things to the next level. Hype Chocolate has opened its new production facility and retail space at 855 E Hastings in Strathcona.

The 3,000 sq ft space includes a chocolate factory, confection consulting space, and retail area.

This concept is all about diversity and emphasizes the importance of the community it serves.

“Our mission is to connect all races, ages, communities, and flavours at one location,” the brand tells Dished.

Hype Chocolate’s chocolatier/co-founder Scott Symons and co-founder Marlayna Pincott aimed to merge hype sneaker streetwear and snack culture with this concept.

The duo said they are “ready to push all the boundaries in the world of sweet treats,” and that sounds like one delicious goal to us.

Hype Chocolate

Photo: Dan Pincott

So on the topic of treats, let’s get into what folks can expect to devour when they step into Hype’s new space.

Unique flavour combinations are at the forefront here. You’ll find lots of chocolate, cereals, cookies, and candy dotted in the array of offerings up for order.

The ice cream bowls at Hype are called “swirls” and they are made from a mixture of ice cream with cereal, candy, cookies, and/or chocolate.

Hype Chocolate

Photo: Dan Pincott

We’re told there are also rare soda floats, cereal milkshakes, and custom Oreo ice cream sandwiches.

In addition to all that, find chocolate-covered potato chips, candy, Oreos, Twinkies, and of course, Hype chocolate bars.

The house chocolate bars come in varieties like fruity cereal milk, strawberry milkshake, and salty potato chips to name a few.

Those looking for plant-based treats are in luck. Hype has vegan options including oat milk milkshakes, vegan cereals, and vegan chocolate, too.

Another sip worth highlighting is the Affogato collaboration with Prototype Coffee, which happens to be located just a few doors

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