Uncut Gems? This Australian Diamond Mine Is Making Jewels From Rough Stones

If you’re in search of a rock with serious value and a story to match, Maison Mazerea may be your new go-to.

The Australian brand, which specializes in ultra-high-end fancy diamonds in unusual cuts and unique settings, is also promising fully traceable stones. That may not sound all that novel given the slew of companies now aiming to offer ethical jewels, but Mazerea is uniquely positioned to guarantee provenance. It’s brought the entire process in-house by sourcing and buying the rough stone directly from above-board mines and then cutting and polishing them in its own atelier of expert artisans.

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The new brand was conceived by Burgundy Diamond Mines in Perth, Australia, an emerging company founded in 2020 that produces polished Fancy Color diamonds. “We mine diamonds, cut and polish diamonds, and we provide diamonds into jewelry sold by designer jewelers so, end-to-end we have the diamond from the source, we cut and polish ourselves in our own office with our own cutters,” Maizon Mazerea and Burgundy Diamond Mines CEO, Peter Ravenscroft, told Robb Report. “To that extent, it’s pretty unique in the diamond industry. Normally, the value chain is pretty segmented. But here the idea plays very strongly to the provenance aspect. We know where the diamond came from, because we mined it, and it never leaves our control until it ends up in the customer’s jewelry piece.” Stones will be mined by Burgundy Diamond Mines, but will also come from other mines the company has direct relationships with that are in conflict-free zones and uphold human rights standards.

Maison Mazerea Yellow Diamonds - Credit: Maison Mazerea

Maison Mazerea Yellow Diamonds – Credit: Maison Mazerea

Maison Mazerea

Ensuring that the quality is top-of-the-line throughout the entire process, the stones at Mazerea are cut and polished by some of the world’s most experienced craftsmen—colored

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