3 Reasons Amazon Is the Best Retailer for Buying in Bulk

Jeramey Lende /

Jeramey Lende /

When you think of buying in bulk, Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s Club probably come to mind. But savvy shoppers know that pallets full of outsized merchandise are waiting for shipment in Amazon warehouses, too — and you might do better there than with the wholesale clubs that built their brands on big.

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“If you’re looking to buy in bulk, Amazon is your best bet,” said Jamie Knight, CEO of Data Source Hub, a market intelligence and data trends provider. “Amazon’s pricing is usually better than that of other warehouse clubs — and it’s not just a matter of price. The company has an incredible selection, and its reputation for reliability means that it can deliver your goods faster if you order in bulk.”

There are several things to consider, and you’ll save money only if you milk Amazon for all it has to offer. amazon-shopping-3-reasons-to-buy-in-bulk/?utm_campaign=1176121&” data-ylk=”slk:Here’s what you need to know.” class=”link “Here’s what you need to know.

Convenience and the Hidden Costs of In-Store Shopping

Costco and the others offer delivery, but they’ve had to adapt to try to keep up — and it shows in the quality of their shipping services. Amazon, on the other hand, built its brand on free two-day shipping.

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“I would recommend bulk shopping through Amazon because the prices are usually about the same and the convenience outweighs the cost if there’s a small price difference,” said Joellyn Travis, founder of the Facebook shopping group Leave it on the Porch, which is a partner of Amazon, QVC and Zulily.

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