Aesthetician Bryce Anthony on Including Black Men in Beauty

Too often, the best beauty stories go Untold, solely based on a person’s skin color, religion, gender expression, disability, or socioeconomic status. Here, we’re passing the mic to some of the most ambitious and talented voices in the industry, so they can share, in their own words, the remarkable story of how they came to be — and how they’re using beauty to change the world for the better. Up next: Bryce Anthony, a New York City-based licensed aesthetician hoping to carve out space for other Black men in the skin-care industry.

My background was in fashion originally. When I was fresh out of college living in LA, my dream was to be a fashion designer, but that fizzled out really quickly. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do in my life. I moved to New York, still trying to make it work, and I was successful at it — I did some great, amazing things — but after a while, things hit a standstill. It wasn’t really satisfying anymore.

If you would’ve told me five years ago that I’d be where I am, doing what I’m doing, I wouldn’t have believed you. I never saw myself doing the type of work that I’m doing now. But I feel like everything in my journey has led me to this moment. I had always been into skin care and self-care; I just never really considered making a career out of it, or even thought that it was possible for someone like myself. I feel like the beauty industry up until that point had mostly catered to women, so I just never felt like I was the target market.

Shortly after moving to New York, I made friends with a girl who worked for The Ordinary. This

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