Boost Your Routine With Oxygen-Infused Skin Care

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Oxygen flows through every single one of our cells. We need it to stay alive, so it makes sense that our skin needs it to function at peak capacity, too. So when an esthetician mists your face with oxygen—which is a common part of many facials—it boosts circulation within your skin, giving you a more radiant glow. Since most of us don’t have oxygen infusion devices at home, brands have found a way to bottle up their benefits into oxygen-infused skin care, which provides a high dose of O2 to keep your cells functioning their best.

“When skin is oxygen-deprived it can appear dull, dry, and tired,” says Varun Koneru, vice president of research and development for beauty brand SeneGence. “When oxygen is available and circulating within the skin cells, it promotes increased moisture. The oxygen revitalizes the skin, visibly plumping out the lines and wrinkles. Oxygen is known for assisting in skin rejuvenation and helping encourage a healthy aging process, improving the overall health of the skin.”

Our skin gets oxygen in two ways—directly from the air and from our lungs via our blood. Although the outermost layer of skin is always absorbing oxygen from the air around you, it’s not a super efficient exchange. “There’s 21 percent oxygen in the air around you, but you don’t get 21 percent of oxygen in your skin,” says Gerard Camme, president and CEO of Element Eight, a new skin-care line that uses oxygen

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