We’re Drooling Over Mr Porter Bright Future Jewelry Collection, a Trust Fund Kid’s Dream Come True

If your clothing reflects your personality, shouldn’t your jewelry and watches do the same thing? That’s the idea behind Mr Porter’s new Bright Future Collection. Just as menswear now includes nontraditional styles, colors, and fabrics, this limited-edition jewelry collection explores that within the realm of watches and fine jewelry.

“Men’s fine jewelry is having a moment right now — or what I would call a renaissance — as a form of self-expression and exploration,” Maxim de Turckheim, Senior Buyer, Fine Jewelry and Watches for the Brand, said in a recent press release. “What is exciting is how men are being bold with their fine jewelry choices — embracing colors, chunky, short necklaces, statement earrings, oversized rings and summery anklets.“

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Taste in jewelry is extremely subjective, and the pieces in the luxury collection will speak to many different types of style. The collection includes items like the incredibly cool (and apparently sold out) La Californienne watch pictured in the featured image of this article, which would be a perfect work watch for any professional guy. But it also includes diamond-studded marijuana pendants.

We’re both drooling and rolling our eyes at the collection, which has truly astronomical prices at the upper end and still out-of-this-writer’s-budget items at the lowest end.

The collection is definitely catered to younger men and members of Gen Z with a sophisticated but fun sense of style. Basically, it’s a trust fund kid’s dream come true.

You can shop the entire collection at the link below, or keep scrolling to learn more about the new “wearable art” jewelry line.

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the mr porter bright future collection

the mr porter bright future collection

Bright Future contains 153 products, but only some items are exclusive to Mr Porter. Most of the items are available

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