What J.Lo’s honeymoon wardrobe is trying to tell us | Fashion and Beauty

Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck has embodied many glamorous personas in her 53 years, but since her July 16 wedding to Ben Affleck, she has been demonstrating one side of herself she has never really tried on before: relatable! At least a little bit.

There has been a river of takes on what the blessed reunion of Bennifer means: They’re the last movie stars! A modern-day Liz and Dick! A reset of the year 2003! A collision of the tabloid era with the social media era! One thing is clear: we can’t look away. And they (but particularly she) are really giving us something to look at.

The fashion messaging is clear: from the sentimental ceremony rewear of a white wedding dress saved from the set of “Jersey Girl” (the 2004 movie Lopez starred in with Affleck), to the breezy Reformation sundresses she has been wearing on their family-filled honeymoon in Paris, J.Lo is giving “of the people,” which we’ve never seen from her before.

In part, it feels like a compromise. When you marry a guy who is as famous for his Dunkin’ Donuts runs and rumpled button-downs as he is for his leading roles, you have to try to bridge the gap.

The honeymoon trip is a far cry from the romantic private yacht vacations of their recent and distant past. Some of their offspring are along for the ride: Ben has three kids, with Jennifer Garner; Lopez has twins with Marc Anthony, and we won’t join the tabloids in speculating which of them are in tow and what it might mean for the ones that aren’t.

Relatively quotidian tourist pleasures are on the itinerary: a visit to the Louvre, a cruise along the Seine, pit stops for ice cream and hot chocolate (albeit in the courtyard of the

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