11 of the best curated vintage shops in Toronto

11 of the best curated vintage shops in Toronto

If you love the thrill of finding vintage and second-hand clothing, but maybe don’t love the grind of sifting through the Value Village racks, Toronto has you covered! Sprinkled throughout the city is a variety of curated second-hand and vintage shops that have done the work of hunting through piles upon piles of clothing. Hand-delivering you only the best. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for a rare vintage tee, a floral dress from the 50s, or a classic pre-loved designer purse. These Toronto-local vintage shops will keep your closet stocked with the coolest pieces that aren’t likely to be seen on anyone else!

Here are 11 of the best curated vintage shops in Toronto

96 Tears Vintage

One of the coolest vintage shops in Toronto is 96 Tears Vintage. Not only with its range of clothing but its ability to serve ultimate inspiration and styling possibilities! Check out it’s Instagram for all the style inspo, and visit the shop to upgrade your wardrobe with its incredible curated inventory!


Boomie Vintage

Not only does Boomie vintage offer a selection of beautiful vintage finds with a feminine flair. It also has home decor and other goodies for you to shop, too! Its selection of denim, dresses, tops, and more – makes it easy to find something you’ll love. Check out Boomie Vintage to shop one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

Siberia Vintage

Walking into Siberia Vintage will make you feel like you’re time-traveling into the past, in the best way possible! Its curated selection of vintage pieces, in every clothing category you think of, takes you through decades. Check out this shop to add vintage goodness to your closet!

Prime Rewind

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality second-hand and vintage streetwear, head over to Prime Rewind. With its huge selection of vintage tees amongst denim, hats, bottoms, jerseys, shoes, and even some dresses, (the list could go on). This shop fulfills any street fashion enthusiast’s dreams. 

Mama Loves You Vintage

Curated by a mother-daughter duo, Mama Loves You is a vintage shop full of beautiful vintage silhouettes featuring an array of ruffles, floral, and lace, as well as an awesome selection of tees, denim, and more! Check out this shop to find amazingly-authentic vintage, equipped to spice up your wardrobe!


Lucky Tiger

Head over to one of the two Lucky Tiger Vintage shops in Toronto to overwhelm your senses with vintage goodness! Its large selection has plenty of options for both ladies and gents. With its impressive inventory range, it could be considered your one-stop shop for all your vintage fashion needs!

I Miss You Vintage

For all your second-hand designer needs, there is I Miss You Vintage. Bags, belts, and shoes – oh my! You can expect to find designer brands like Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and so much more at this shop. If you’re in the market for your newest designer find and want to save a couple of coins by shopping second-hand, check out I Miss You Vintage!

Uncle Vintage

This Toronto vintage classic has recently relocated from Bloor to Kensington! You can trust Uncle Vintage to supply some of the best vintage streetwear in the city! From tees, jerseys, denim, sweaters, and more, this shop has you covered. 

House of Vintage Toronto

House of Vintage is here for all of your vintage desires. You’re bound to find some cute and quirky pieces while shopping here! Its wide selection features vintage items from all walks of life. There’s nothing better than stylish clothing with a story!

Penny Arcade Vintage

At Penny Arcade, you can find much more than just vintage clothing! You can also find art, home decor, and even a kids section! This shop is known for its beautiful, carefully curated selection. 


CHOSEN Vintage

If you’re on the hunt for vintage pieces that are still relevant in today’s fashion, you have to check out CHOSEN Vintage! Its hand-selected, gently loved pieces are curated carefully and priced fairly. What more could we ask for in a second-hand/vintage shop?

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